Geoxideerde polyethyleenwas met lage dichtheid OP-330

Low Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax OP-330
model Smeltpunt °C DichtheidG/CC viscositeit Zuur nr.  MG KOH/G Uiterlijk
OP-330 105±5 0.91 200 15 Poeder/Prill
1. As a lubricant, it is used in PVC processing and combination, and forms a film in PVC and its extrusion equipment, which can improve production efficiency and save energy.

2. It has good oxidation resistance and white appearance, and has no fish eyes, so it is an ideal carrier for color masterbatch and functional masterbatch for polyolefin; it has high-efficiency external lubricant for PVC polar plastics.

3. When used in hot melt adhesives, it can improve the fluidity and wettability of the adhesive, shorten the curing time, reduce the phenomenon of spinning, improve the gloss and flow ability; it can also be used as a viscosity modifier.

4. With the characteristics of heat resistance and wear resistance, it can be used for printing ink, which can improve the clarity of the surface of the printing ink and improve the surface hardness of the surface scratch resistance and wear resistance.

5. It has better wettability with various pigments, especially in the configuration of high-concentration color masterbatch and pigments that are difficult to disperse, showing the excellent dispersion performance of the product.

6. Used as a processing aid in the rubber and tire industries to improve release capacity, viscosity, and compatibility. Acts as a screen between the rubber surface and the air, preventing atmospheric ozone from drying out the rubber, thereby maintaining the strength of the tire.

7. It can be used as a lubricant and release agent to treat thermoplastic performance resins, thereby promoting better extrusion and reducing molding cycle time.
The low-density polyethylene wax prepared by droplet polymerization method has lower crystallinity and molecular weight, therefore it has good softness and ductility.It has high softness, toughness, and ductility, as well as low melting point and thermal stability. LDPE wax is often used to make soft and elastic products, such as plastic bags, plastic films, foamed plastics, etc.