Polyester weekmaker PL-500E

Polyester plasticizer PL-500E
model Zuurwaarde MG KOH/G Hydroxylwaarde MG KOH/G Smeltpunt °C Uiterlijk (fysische eigenschappen)
PL-500E 20-24 62.3 witte effen stof

Polyester plasticizer PL-500E is an environmentally friendly polyester solid plasticizer, suitable for the production of PVC plastic products. Compared with traditional plasticizers, PL-500E has the following advantages:

1. Strong environmental protection: Polyester plasticizer PL-500E uses environmentally friendly plasticizers, does not contain any dangerous substances, and complies with environmental regulations.

2. Low volatility: Polyester plasticizer PL-500E has low volatility, which can improve the safety of the production workshop.

3. Excellent physical properties: Polyester plasticizer PL-500E can improve the heat resistance, weather resistance and mechanical properties of PVC plastic products, making them more durable. At the same time, it can also improve the surface quality of PVC plastic products, making them smoother and brighter.
The environmentally friendly polyester-plasticizer of Yunlian Technology is formed by polycondensation of polymeric acid and polymeric alcohol. 
It has a long carbon chain and strong plasticizing ability. Polyester plasticizer series products have the characteristics of non-toxic, insoluble in water, oil resistance, good heat resistance stability, good electrical insulation and good compatibility.