Ester Lubricants EL-W80

model Melting point ℃ DensityG/CC viscosity Volatile content (105℃) % Flash point °C









Ester Lubricants EL-W80:

1. High-performance PVC external lubricant: Esters as external lubricants exhibit outstanding lubricating performance in PVC processing, effectively reducing frictional resistance during processing and enhancing production efficiency.

2. Suitable for high transparency products: Esters as external lubricants demonstrate excellent performance in preparing high transparency PVC products, contributing to maintaining product clarity and transparency.

3. Improves demolding properties: The use of esters as external lubricants can enhance the demolding properties of PVC products, reducing adhesion to molds during the forming process and thereby improving product quality and output.

4. Enhances non-stick properties: Esters as external lubricants can reduce the surface stickiness of PVC products, making them easier to handle and process, reducing adhesion and residues.

5. Improves free flowability: Esters as external lubricants can enhance the flowability of PVC plastics, making them easier to flow during processes such as injection molding and extrusion, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs.
Ester Lubricants EL-W80: High Molecular Weight, Multi-functional Fatty Alcohol Ester (Complex Ester)